Fundamental Insurance Brokers

Fundamental insurance brokers was founded by a team of insurance brokers determined to simplify insurance. Lead by Aaron Green, an authorized representative of Focus Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. who boasts a vast experience in the insurance field, the company focuses on providing efficient and affordable insurance to small and medium enterprises.

Our company’s CEO holds a Double Major Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing & Human Resources) from the University of Ballarat Victoria and an ANZIF Broking Licence (2013) that attest to his determination, passion, and flair for the business world.

Due to our insurance experts’ extensive knowledge and professional collaborations with all the major insurance companies in Australia, Fundamental insurance brokers is a reliable partner for many businesses across the country. The company manages to fill one important gap in the insurance market: personalized insurance. Our experts focus above all on flawless customer support and customized insurance to serve every need.

Fundamental insurance brokers has a team of trained and specialized insurance brokers who treat every business as a unique entity with specific needs and vulnerabilities. That is why our insurance company manages to have a high rate of customer satisfaction and returning customers. We provide personalized insurance for each business in various fields, including warehouse, public liability, professional indemnity, commercial property, construction, and many more.

Managing Director Aaron Green